The study texts for the event at Oxford University on 25 November 2010 will be made available for downloading one week before the date of the event.

In the meantime, here are some sample Scriptural Reasoning texts for your exploration of the practice. Further texts are available at the main Scriptural Reasoning website.

All original language Islamic texts on this site are under the shari'a supervision of the Fatwa Committee of the Islamic Cultural Centre and London Central Mosque (click to download the official fatwa of the Shari'a Court in English or in Arabic). You can also click to download some Briefing Notes for Chairs to assist facilitating a Scriptural Reasoning meeting. These are sacred materials, so please have regard to this sanctity in your handling and disposal of them.


Religious Leaders, Worldly Power

Texts for the Scriptural Reasoning Launch event

Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac

Texts for Jewish-Muslim reading on the great patriarchs

Hospitality to Strangers

The meaning of hospitality toward the outsider


Texts for Christian-Muslim reading on understanding how we know

Religious Freedom

Concepts of religious toleration and liberty in different religious traditions


The understanding of Revelation in Judaism, Christianity and Islam


The role and authority of Scripture in our the three faiths of the Book


The challenging reality of slavery in our religious traditions


Texts for Christian-Muslim reading on the seeking of truth and its understanding